Zebra Hc100

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Zebra HC100 (HC100-300E-1200)

– wristband printer,

– direct thermal,

– resolution: 12 dots/mm (300 dpi),

– print width (max.): 30 mm,

– speed (max.): 102 mm/s,

– Wi-Fi (802.11g),

– dual interface (RS232, USB),


– XML.

Secure, fast and easy identification of people is an increasingly important market. This applies to

hospitals (patient management) as well as to event management and leisure park owners

(entrance cards and tickets) and educational establishments. Even in other fields that require

reliable personal identification, like R&D departments, laboratories, conferences or concerts,

wristbands have become imperative. They guarantee fraud-resistant access at a favourable

price-performance ratio.

The basic concept of wristband identification is extremely simple: individuals receive at the ticket

counter for festivals, concerts or a public pool a wristband that either contains all important personal

data printed in the form of a barcode or simply a running number, etc. printed on it. The wristband

cannot be opened without damaging it, making it ideal for use instead of tickets at events. They are

available in various versions for different applications, in different colours and some even with

a waterproof adhesive at the closure. This way you combine high functionality with an attractive look,

which optimally fits into the area of implementation.

For usage in the healthcare sector Zebra offers durable and anti-microbial coated wristbands in various

sizes – for newborns, children and adults. During registration at hospitals the most important patient

information is encoded into a barcode and then custom-printed onto the wristband. If necessary,

additional information such as name, station and blood type are printed onto the label as text to increase

the safety of patients, guaranteeing clear allocations throughout the hospital. The automatic identification

assumes several important functions: first, it allows secure and efficient documentation of all treatment

steps, which makes it an essential element for implementation of legal and internal guidelines. Furthermore,

reliable identification of the right patient significantly increases success rates for operations, treatment,

as well as diet and therapy plans.

The compact HC100 wristband printer from Zebra is easy to use. The only consumables necessary

are the wristbands, as the system uses thermal direct printing – ink ribbons or similar are not required.

The printer automatically recognizes the type of wristband, so no adjustments are necessary. Software

programmes use standard interfaces. The required drivers are available for different platforms.

Using the direct thermal method, the HC100 prints all barcodes, text and even complex pictures at a

resolution of 12 dots/mm (300 dpi) and a maximum printing speed of 102 mm per second

(51 mm/sec. in the healthcare sector), quickly and in pin sharp quality. High durability guarantees perfect

readouts even after days. Abrasion, water, disinfection and cleaning agents that are common in

hospitals do not harm the imprint. Maximum width for the wristbands is 30 mm at a maximum printing

length of 558 mm and a minimum of 76 mm. In other words, a wristband offers sufficient space for

guaranteed identification beyond any doubt.

The design of the HC100 provides easy-to-use features that require minimal, if any, user interaction.

There is minimal training required to use the HC100 or to load or switch the cartridge – it’s a quick

and simple task.

Like all other printing solutions from Zebra, the HC100 integrates into existing systems flexibly and easily.

A plus that is especially important in highly complex hospital environments. The printer is equipped with

a standard USB and serial interface. The printer is also available with the optional internal

ZebraNet 10/100 print server or the internal ZebraNet wireless server.

The robust and impact-resistant housing, which is typical for Zebra products, make the HC100 extremely

durable, impressively compact and lightweight with less than 1.4 kg. The HC100 supports Unicode for


printing and all commercial linear barcodes, as well as 2D barcodes. The HC100 is also equipped with an

odometer for measuring the printing length and a tear-off mechanism.


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